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Available Products

Here at Coast Auto Supply Co. (CASCO) we offer a wide variety of parts and accessories for all vehicle makes and models. We carry several different brands of motor oils and lubricants from your basic conventional oil to the higher end synthetics, even supplying oils and lubricants for outboard motors.

Turtle Wax and Meguiars are two of our wash and wax lines we provide. They provide a full line full line of products to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle to keep it looking brand new. We have a full range of brushes, rags and cleaning wipes to detail the full vehicle. These products range from the car enthusiast to the everyday individual who just likes a clean car.

If you’re looking to add some accessories to your vehicle, we provide anything from air fresheners, license plate frames, seat and steering wheel covers all the way to floor mats.

We also supply head lights, replacement bulbs, wiper blades as well as fuses and wiring to help keep your vehicle safe and running smooth.

Also offered is a full line of towing products from single hitch pins to starter kits as well as the wiring kits to connect trailers to vehicles. Along with our towing supplies we carry straps and bungee cords to tie down and secure whatever you need to carry in or on your trailer or vehicle. We also have marine and RV products to clean and care for your boat and RV as well as any item needed for everyday use.

If there is something you or your customer are looking for check out our products pages for a breakdown of additional information and details on each category and the brands we stock.