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Interior Accessories

Interior Accessories

When it comes to the inside of the vehicle weather you need a seat cover or a phone holder, we have just right product for your customer.

Custom Accessories is one of our interior lines that provides a full array of steering wheel and seat covers as well as floor mats to fit many makes and models. There are even several heavy duty covers for the larger vehicle. We carry a large variety of phone and GPS holders that are dash, vent or even windshield mount. To compliment the phone mounts, we have several charging accessories. Cup holders, seat consoles, seat belt pads/ extenders and visor accessories make this a full line of products to offer your customer. Bell Automotive/Hopkins gives another great option of similar products such as seat covers, cup holders, ash cans and trash bins.

ir fresheners offer another great way to keep a vehicle feeling fresh and smelling clean. Car Freshener, Refresh, Stoner and Febreze brand fresheners provide a full range of scents and styles. We have the always popular Little Trees as well as several styles of vent clips and diffusers. These fresheners can be utilized in a variety of was from being hung from the rearview mirror, hooked or clipped into the AC/ Heater vents, placed in a cup holder or even stashed under a seat. Most if not all the air fresheners come in single or multi-pack form.

Please contact us for current stock and availability, or any specific products.