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Oils & Lubricants

Automotive Oil & Lubricants

Coast Auto Supply offers a wide variety of oils, lubricants and chemicals to fit the needs for vehicles old and new. We carry a diverse selection of Exxon Mobil, Castrol, Chevron, Super S, Lucas Oil and Pennzoil products.

Within our line of Oil products, we have conventional motor oil as well as synthetic products, high mileage and extended performance. We carry a wide variety of weights from 5w30 to 0w40 in quart and 5 quart/ 1-gallon bottles.

Lucas Oil and Super S are two of our Oil and Lube lines that offer more specialized and specific products. While Super S and Lucas Oil still offers all the different weights of oil products, they offer many types of lubricants. They offer 2 cycle engine oil as well as gear oil and numerous types or grease lubricants for automobiles and boats.

Along with the gas engine oil we carry we also have products for the diesel engine as well. Just like the motor oil we carry Delo products in a variety of weights. The 15w40 comes in a quart, 5 quart and 5-gallon pail. We also have 10w30, SAE30, SAE40 as well Mobil Delvac.

Also available are 5-gallon pails of hydraulic oil for heavy duty machines, lifts or farm equipment.

We also have a large selection of other automotive chemicals. Transmission and power steering fluids, antifreeze and coolant, fuel stabilizes and additives as well as parts and engine cleaners. The Berryman and Seafoam line of products provide a great supply of engine cleaners and degreasers. To compliment those, we also offer numerous Bar’s and Radiator Specialty Products.

Please contact us for current stock and availability, or any specific products.